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Web Design Portfolio

     Our website design team works closely with you to produce a web presence you will be proud to display. The design goals are always to create a maintainable, security conscious, dynamic site that accurately and creatively displays your desired content. The content is completely determined by your vision and goals of the web site. Production of the web site makes approriate use of the following programming techniques: DHTML (html, css, javascript, xml), PHP scripting language with MySQL database support, flash animation, photoshop enhanced graphics, RSS feeds, and secure user interaction through site login and user forms.

Client Site View Demo Description
Heartlandplays is an online company providing original material for regional and local theatre groups. Authors may submit their work for review and if accepted their play(s) will be available for download to theatre groups. Royalties, and copyright fees are collected online. A sample of each play (minus the last 5 pages) is available to registered members of the site.
Boys and Girls Club
of Las Cruces

This is the official web page for the Boys and Girls Club of Las Cruces, NM. It features an activities calendar, a blog written by the Chief Professional Officer (CPO), downloadable newsletters and club membership applications, and a photo album. The club has a sophisticated computer lab where this site is the home page for all web browsers. The 'kid safe' menu has a list of approved sites for the kids to access. It also has staff profiles and a password protected, private area for business of the Board of Directors.
Blad's World
high school calculus
A web site supporting the nationally recognized calulus teacher, Ms. Kristine Lindebld. The site provides background information and Internet links to support her AP Calculus program.
Palm Science A simple site allowing the download of scientific programs written for the PalmOS operating system.
Web Science
Web Science is designed to support online web applications to be used for science education. The individual web pages developed so far include interactive exercises on the subject of Soil Science. The pages are heavily designed with Javascript to allow interactive exercises to be performed by site users.
DC-Computers is a computer consulting company. Their staff specialize in installation and maintenance. The purpose of the web site is to advertise the company's expertise and to provide users to request either a bid on a new project or to request service on an existing contract.
Weed Information

This web site was an important component of the Weeds Extension program at New Mexico State University. The site contains downloadable information regarding the management of invasive weeds found in New Mexico. The highlight of the site is an interactive weed identification process where laypeople can answer simple questions regarding the color and structure of their plant sample and recieve a list of possible species together with pictures.
Thereasek is a recruiting service for medical therapists including physical, speech, occupational, and respiratory therapists, as well as nurses. The purpose of this web site is to provide a simple registration system for therapists to request placement. The site also allows employers to register and submit requests for therapists to fill specific positions. The 'backend' of the site allows Theraseek personnel to search the database of registered therapists to fill job requests.
The Southern New Mexico Community Tennis Association is a non-profit organization promoting amateur tennis in the region. The purpose of the web site was to provide up-todate information on regional events and people in the tennis community. This web site has been discontinuted.
Plant Pathology
and Weed Science

The EPPWS department is a part of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics at New Mexico State University. The goal of the web site is to provide a student-centered portal to information regarding the department, its faculty, and academic subjects. The site contains links to downloadable material such as the departmental newsletter, a searchable database of CAHE publications, class schedules, degree programs, scholarship information, faculty biographies, as well as other online resources. The site also has a departmental calendar to announce activities, and a Blog to allow communication between faculty and students.
A Wedding Site

This is one of some wedding web sites I have designed. These sites have lots of pictures, background stories of the bride and groom, event calendar, directions (Google maps) to all events, guest book, and e-mail form. The site also contains a database driven RSVP system where invited guests can RSVP to any and all events (e.g., wedding, reception, rehersal dinner, showers, etc.). The site owner (bride and groom) can view summaries of all the RSVP results (e.g., total number of respondents, who is coming and not coming, who hasn't responded yet, etc.). The bride and groom also have the option of a blog to keep friends and family up to date.